We Have Revolution Trainers!

Some of you may have noticed that the LeMond Revolution Trainer with cassette is currently out of stock.  "Oh no!", you say, but do not fret!  The reality is that while the trainers that come with cassettes already installed are out fo stock for the time being, we have plenty of LeMond Revolution trainers in stock that do not come with a cassette installed.  Cassettes are easy to come by at your local bike shops and are really pretty easy to install.  I'm sure if you needed help, you could consult your local bike shop and they could give you some helpful advice and assistance.  Do know that the cassette that would come on your trainer is a Shimano Tiagra CS 4600, 10-speed, 11t-25t cassette and we will be offering them for sale in our store soon.

If you have any questions on this news, please reach out!  You can call us here in Minneapolis at (612) 486-5750 or you can send us a friendly email at sales@lemondrevolution.com.  Happy training and riding!


Jack Stockmaster said on December 03, 2013:

I’m looking to find a Dealer or cycling center where one might be able to try out the Revolution trainer. I ‘m in ohio. I’m very much interested in it. Thank You Jack

Mike Ryan said on July 09, 2013:

Can I use a Sram 11-32 cassette on the Revolution trainer like I have on my road bike?

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